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Saturday, 24 January 2015 15:26

If Life Were A Musical

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I don't live in a musical – how about you?

I love musicals. Damsels break into song, with perfectly choreographed back-up from their friends, guys can dance (I mean, really dance) and carry you away on perfectly blended notes.  Life's most mundane moments burst into excitement with detergent boxes that high kick and furry forest animals that finish your chores. 

Life in a musical would be great, wouldn’t it.


So thrilled to visit with Al Fox, her amazing husband Ben Carraway and even sweet Gracie.  


Tamu Smith, from Sistas In Zion is used to taking a humorous approach to most things - she even tackles the very serious side of Genealogy in my interview with her.


At RootsTech 2015, FamilySearch's CEO, Dennis Brimhall and I had a chance to visit about family storytelling. Here's my interview with him.


I was there!  RootsTech 2015 was one for the record books - over 28,000 people attended a family history conference like no other.  Proving, if you don't think Family History is FUN - chance are, you haven't done Family History, or you haven't had FUN!

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