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A Picture Says A Thousand Words

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Family Storytelling, Instagram, Family Photos, GenealogyThey say a picture says a thousand words, so what does your Instagram account say? When Instagram came out I thought it was an amazing idea. We have so much access to record our lives. I often feel like words aren’t needed. A picture can say more than words could do justice. It can show time period, emotion, and an insight into others lives.

Pictures from parents, grandparents and ancestors are priceless. Our ancestors didn’t have a camera with them constantly. They didn’t show us their favorite food, vacation spot or outfit. But the pictures we do have of them can tell us so much. We saw their families, their hard work and homes.


I think a few things missing from our ancestors pictures were more family activities, seeing their day to day activities and more emotion.  I asked a few people about their ancestor’s pictures. “If a picture says a thousand words, what comes to mind when you see old pictures?” The response was great. These words describe our heritage. Experience, lovely, antique, connection, ageless, legacy, charming, era, relation, endure, constant, timeless, engaging, alluring, and sacrifice.


I hope to leave a legacy to my children, grandkids and so on, just like one was left before me. I love Instagram and will continue to use it to show my life. Try to remember when you snap pictures what your pictures are saying about you and your life.


Next time you post a picture try to tell a thousand words to leave behind you.

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