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School is back in session

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Family Storytelling, Back To School, Family Story, GrandfatherIt is “back to school” time and I think of all that we do as we prepare our kids to go. Lots of school shopping for back packs, supplies, and name brand clothing. How nice if it was just simple. There is always a worry about who my kid’s teacher is going to be. Will they teach my child well? My husband’s 2nd Great Grandfather Benajah Julius Record shared some experiences when he was a boy and attended school.

"When I was about six years of age, I attended summer school, and during the hottest part of the day, I would get so sleepy that I could not hold up my head, the teacher would lay me down on one of the benches and put her bonnet under my head and let me sleep as long as I cared to, the teachers name was Polly Huffman, she was an old maid, but everyone loved her for her kindness to the children, they all called her Aunt Polly.”


 He continued, “Children were often whipped for almost no reason at all. There were the best teachers the county could afford to hire as funds were not available, teachers were not selected for what they knew, but for how strict they were with the children, I have seen them whip children for practically no reason at all except to give vent to their hatred for children.”

As scary as it is to send your children to school, I am thankful for laws we have in place. I know that if people believe in children and their success they can do anything.


Have you ever asked your grandparents about their experiences at school?  Try it, and see what kind of stories you'll get.  For ideas, check out our Grandparent Story Starter.

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